annaNL Experte

Ich bin weiblich, 18 Jahre alt, und ich lebe in Groningen, Niederlande 147.

Ich spreche Niederländisch und etwas Englisch, Deutsch

Ich habe 14 Orte in 12 Länder besucht.

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  • Etwas ungewöhnliches über mich

    probably the fact that I never understand myself :p
    one moment i like to listen to classical music and the other moment you make me happy with some iron maiden or hardcore music.
    this is maybe an little extreme example of how I am, but you get hopefully an idee of me:)

  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    Hey everyone, I am minke, I am 18 years old and I come from the NetherlandsMy hobbies are playing harp- taking pictures and being creative. I would like to speak with nice people to improve my English and learn about other culturesSee you soon