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  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    Hi! My name is Federica, I'm 20 and I study communication in Milan.
    I'd really like to talk to someone, to make friendship and, maybe, to improve my english.
    In my free time, I like reading, listening to music, dancing, going out (if the weather is good ahah), playing The Sims on the computer...
    I can also say I laugh a lot, but obviously I'm also able to stay serious :)
    At the beginning, I can be a bit shy, it depends, but, when I feel comfortable with someone, I start to talk and no one can stop me!

  • Städte und Länder, die ich besucht habe

    I saw Rome when I was child (I don't remember much) and Verona in 2017, which is beautiful!
    In 2014 I visited Barcelona and in 2019 I saw Paris. Also these cities are amazing!
    Every year I see Syracuse and Noto, because I go to Sicily for the summer holidays.

  • Ich rede immer gerne über...

    It depends on the person I'm talking to and the common interests

  • Die Welt zu einem besseren Platz machen

    Surely, there should be less selfishness. It would be very positive if everyone cared about others and not only ourselves!
    And I think the same thing talking about nature: it should be respected more. We have to think about the consequences of our actions!

  • Ich habe vor Kurzem gelernt...

    I'm learning to take care of myself and appreciate the person that I am. Then, I'm learning to think more positive and, if something goes wrong, not to let it get me down.

  • Eine persönliche Herausforderung

    I have a looooong book list and I want to read ALL of them! (the number is increasing... HELP)

  • In zehn Jahren

    First of all, I hope I will have a job ahah
    Another thing that is very very important to me: I hope I will have a husband and that we will live in our house, planning to have our kids. Having a family it's the biggest and the most important thing I want!