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  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    Hi! My name's Fiorella, I'm 19, I'm Italian and I currently live in Bedford, United Kingdom, and I'm looking for new friends.
    I'm a really shy person, but when someone gets to know me I can be really funny and talkative!
    I'm here because I want to meet people from all over the world and learn different languages. Feel free to write to me whenever you want. We can talk here, on Facebook, whatever.
    If you want to, you can also follow me on Instagram @flowerellah :)
    I love rock and metal music. I usually listen to Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Queen, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, MGK and a lot of different artists. I also like videogames a lot!

  • Städte und Länder, die ich besucht habe

    I visited lots of places in my life, but I love travelling so I want to visit a lot more countries and cities. The most interesting places I visited are Cracow, in Poland, and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Very different cities, but I loved them both! In the future I hope I'll be able to visit Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan and a lot more countries. :)

  • Meine größte Errungenschaft

    I'm proud of being the Italian Ambassador to Penpal-Gate. I translated the website from English to Italian, and this is a honor for me. I'm really proud of myself!

  • Mein Interesse an anderen Kulturen

    When I visit a country I always want to know more and more about lifestyle, history, traditions, geography and language. I think all of these things together make a country unique.

  • Ich bin ein Experte in...

    I'm an expert in making jigsaw puzzles, creating sims in The Sims 4 aaaaaand... That's it.

  • Lieblingsbuch/-autor/-film

    I like Tim Burton's movies, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. My all time favourite animated movie is Mulan. I also like various books like The Hunger Games and Peanuts comics.

  • Für ein Jahr im Ausland leben

    I'd like to stay in UK or USA. I actually moved to Bedford, in the UK, at the end of August 2018.

  • Die Welt zu einem besseren Platz machen

    Make love, not war!

  • Ich rede immer gerne über...

    I love talking about pretty much everything. I'm open minded and sharing thoughts and opinions is one of my favourite things.

  • Persönliche Fähigkeiten

    I can make a flower with my tongue! Ahah :D
    Actually, I'm not the only one who can do this, so... This question is pretty hard!

  • Ich bereue...

    Believing too much in other people and too little in myself.

  • Eine persönliche Herausforderung

    Leave everything I had to move to a different country that I've never visited before.