Fiorella 🌸

Fiorellalala Experte

Ich bin weiblich, 19 Jahre alt, und ich lebe in Belluno, Italien 90.

Ich spreche Englisch, Italienisch, etwas Spanisch, Deutsch und ein klein wenig Französisch, Russisch.

Ich habe 44 Orte in 13 Länder besucht.

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  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    Hi! My name's Fiorella, I'm 18, I live in Italy and I'm looking for new friends.
    I'm a really shy person, but when someone gets to know me I can be really funny and talkative!
    I'm here because I want to meet people from all over the world and learn different languages. Feel free to write to me whenever you want.We can talk here, on Facebook, Skype, just let me know!
    If you want to, you can also follow me on Instagram @flowerellah :)
    I love rock and metal music. I usually listen to Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Queen, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, MGK and a lot of different artists. I also like videogames a lot!

  • Städte und Länder, die ich besucht habe

    I visited lots of places in my life, but I love travelling so I want to visit a lot more countries and cities. The most interesting place I visited is Cracow, in Poland. It's an amazing city and I fell in love with it. In the future I hope I'll be able to visit Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and hopefully the rest of the globe! :D