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Interested in Nordic countries
What makes you happy?
What do you think about South Korea?
What is you favourite book ever ?
What's the hardest word to pronounce in your language?
What do you think about Chinese Girl/Woman?
Your favourite quote or line?
What do you do when you are bored?
New friends
hey, how are you?
What is the farthest country you've ever sent a letter to ?
your hobbies
Which languages do you learn at school in your country?
What makes you happy?
who want to write a book with me?:)
Why you're still single?
I'm looking for a snail mail pal
I m looking for a pen pal to exchange letters, postcards and packages
Who want postdard made by me ;)
New friends
Favourite food and recipes
Chinese traditional food~sosososo delicious!!!
Some cosplayers here?
What‘s up?
what's your favorite flower?
Friends on Ukraine
Do you want to meet me?