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Penfriends for my class
Looking for new friends
Living with a personality disorder
Favorite Desserts
favorite recipe?
Who of you loves writing stories?
Weirdest laws in your country
Science/ Cosmology
pandatjuh write little stories
Why the heart beats?
Fashion Industry
Danish penpals/tutors wanted.
Who is your favorite skijumper and why?
Mysterious radio signal from space? Reply or not?
What word/expression is very difficult to translate to other languages?
Aide avec le forfait francais
Any figure ice skating fan?
Have U visited Sri Lanka before ?
Come to Egypt ahhhaahhh
Looking for some one for snailmail
best websites to students
looking for a penfriend
Wer möchte mit mir schreiben?
Top 5 things you love doing
Buonanotte! I am looking for someone to help me with Italian
Merry Christmas everyone, guys 🎄🎁
Conversations en francais
What is the recipe for your favorite dish in your country?