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What do you think about this new version of PPG?
Looking for friends all over the world
Improving french language skills
Looking people for teach me the dutch
looking for people to teach me english
Send a postcard
I'm looking for a penpal :D
Interested in Holland? :D
I am looking for cool people for all arroud the world
I'm looking for a penpal :)
Penpalling Youtube Channel!
Who wants a postcard from France?
Who wants a postcard or letter from Germany?
Looking for penpals :)
Guys need a favor from people from different countries
Looking for people to teach me norwegian :)
Looking for penpals!
what is the best book you ever read? and why?
Looking for friends c:
[Question] Etudier au Québec
Global painting project
Philosophie/ Philosophy
Penpal Group
Anyone British or Nordic wants to talk ?
Looking for a real penpal friend
Education/pedagogy : what's the most pedagogical way to teach math ?
Worldwide contacts for biological sciences