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What did you do for Christmas ?
Learn Korean
I'm looking for penfriends from Germany! to learn German.
Broken heart
Do women still believe in romance?
Are you vegetarien or vegan? Me I am ;)
What useless talent do you have?
Hi I'm looking for new friends that live in the uk
Searching Penpals
Snail mail Pals
Ski jumping fans
Need help with translation? (Ita-eng-spa-fr)
Happy New Year 🎊
Working in Europe
What you think about Finland??
Letters and postcards, snail mail.
Trading packages,Postcards, or letters
looking for English pen pal
If you describe yourself in 3 words ....?
Who's around the 12 years? :)
Looking for a UK, Ireland, France, Australia and USA friends.
Wiedereinführung der Wehrpflicht in Deutschland
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
The compliments of the season
What are you reading recently ?
Wer moechte Assoziationen auf Deutsch spielen? len?