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looking for spiritual penpal
Why i don't celebrate Valentine's day anymore
A real pen pal 📝
Leuke babbel
i am also looking for friends, anyone wants a friend?
Musical instruments
Would you like to be my friend?
Wanna talk?
Snail mail and postcard !~
Looking for new friends all around the world
Freedom of the press in your country
If you could visit any place on earth, which would it be? :)
Postcard Exchange
Letters in Latin
Poll about your model
Real letter exchange in englisch or german
Fiber Closure closed shell material
Hey, I´m new here!
Let's talk about everything
looking for snail mail pen pals
I'm looking for a pen pal from in Korea, China, Japan or Philippines
Meet friends!
Happy New Years!
Help, please!
months post card
New post
Chill room
Merry Christmas!