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looking for people to teach me english
Send a postcard
I'm looking for a penpal :D
Interested in Holland? :D
I am looking for cool people for all arroud the world
I'm looking for a penpal :)
Penpalling Youtube Channel!
Who wants a postcard from France?
Who wants a postcard or letter from Germany?
Looking for penpals :)
Guys need a favor from people from different countries
Looking for people to teach me norwegian :)
Looking for penpals!
what is the best book you ever read? and why?
Looking for friends c:
[Question] Etudier au Québec
Global painting project
Philosophie/ Philosophy
Penpal Group
Anyone British or Nordic wants to talk ?
Looking for a real penpal friend
Education/pedagogy : what's the most pedagogical way to teach math ?
Worldwide contacts for biological sciences
please, help me with birthday gift for my friend!
Visiting Norwayyyyyyyyyy <3
Chat :D
Yet another person who's been looking for penpal!
I'm looking for a english penpal