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Need your help for a special and unforgettable present for my boyfrien
Final degree project
Snail mail friend :)
Is that seems silly?just boring and for fun:)
Searching a snail mail friend from Japan
Snail mail penpal from Asia? (:
"Apartments in Kerala: Colorful Home Dreams"
do you have instagram?
What do you think of my site?
What do you know about Poland?
SailorMoon I'm looking for her
What do you know about...?
A New service:
Instagram users and bloggers
Snail mail buddies?
I am looking for email pen pals
Snail Mail
And again snail mail friends!
Need help for an unpaid placement in USA
Snail mail and Skype Chats (movie nights)
Snaaaaaaail mail! :D
Facebook or Twitter
Laurent's Spotlight
Snail mail friends =)
Histoire de France, expliquée par Henri Guillemin sur youtube
Swedish penpal
I really have a hard time learning Russian
Get the best weekend travel deals package