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Mail friends
Share your travel experiences!
Collecting flower seeds
Snail mail all around the world :)
Snail Mail - Courrier Postal
What's your favorite color?
What about mailing?
Somebody to write
Hollidays in Paris
Woodstock Festival in Poland
Summer Holidays :)
Asian waving cat
Stamp collector
Enkel voor mensen uit België en Nederland
New worldwide project!
I Need Prayers because I am Unemployed
I Need Even More Prayers
I Need Prayers for Health Issues
exchange during 29.05-09.06
Studying a new language
Pen pal <3
Sites for languages learning.
Stop Cursing ? (multilingual topic)
What you think about sites in style of penpal?
What's your favourite language?
Do you talk to your parents about your personal life?
Привет всем !
Word fan van mijn magazine!
What song do you have as a ringtone?