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Scouts and girl guides from all over the world!
What do you think about Romania ?
Your ambitions?
would you rather...
I think there's a kid deep down in side us (picture)
Happy New Year all!
Who love France (and French Poeple) ? And why ??
For everybody who is looking for eternal happiness,Just take a look :)
Dear Mother [moved]
Our life is the biggest test among all others
Translators Needed
Why cant we live in peace?
True and eternal happiness,rest or peace,Where are they?
What are our purposes in this life?
Our lives are opportunities,We just should see it in different way ;)
Very good site
I'm looking for a personal email penpal! Any takers?
when do you take a bath? morning? evening?
What do you think about Poland ?
Your favorite country in the wide world...?
anyone here who knows underwater rugby??
Whats your important things ??
Do you know the country Nepal ??connaissez vous le pays Nepal ??
First Word That Comes To Mind...^_^
What's your favorite quote?
Do you know Abercrombie & Fitch ?
Anime and Manga
research for a novel