Alles Mögliche

I would like to pen pal :3
Snail Mail
What you mainly focus on?
Mozart L'Opera Rock
Who has twitter?!
Bisexual (homosexual) esoterics and theosophy
Left handed in the world ?
Does anybody know how to delete my accout from ???
Will you guys help me out?
I'm a Chinese American, searching for friends here...
snail mail pen pal :D
Moving to Spain - tips
Favorite Country !
Who likes horses? im lonely and scared...
What in your country have a national hero?
Who wants to speak and improve his/her latin with me ?
I Feel Inmates Are Not forgiven of their mistakes
Do u wanna be my friend?:)
People who believe God. Pray for my friend. She has cancer.
I'm looking for penpals with who I can chat on skype :)
Someone wants to do a skype call with me?
Make & share your bucket list!
Looking for nothing.
Need your help for a special and unforgettable present for my boyfrien
Final degree project
Snail mail friend :)
Is that seems silly?just boring and for fun:)