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Paljit : a new website for finding penpals
Do you read Manga?
What's your favorite season? :)
Who will come to Finland in this summer?
who wanna come to lille during one week? (north of France)
A small question !!
high school year abroad
Guys,does anyone know when is the b-day of PG?
iDoto Project - Read please!
How you say...
Formula 1
what do you think of China?
Let's pray some good lucks for Japan!
Are you going to go to the army?
Do you think this World would be better without borders?
What is your purpose in your life?
Do you feel any emotions when you write smileys?
Did U passed an happy christmas ? What think of this day? Fr/GB/ESP...
Describe your ideal bf/gf
[moved] Do Ghost/demon Really Exist??
A 18-year-old Finnish girl looking for a penpal
[ for teenagers ] Do you thinks all muslims are terrorists ?
Are you going to meet someone from Penpal-Gate?
I would like to learn polish... and I need your help ! :)
Poll questions
Have you ever fallen in love with Santa?