Alles Mögliche

you are interested in the Italian language
How can I be the best boy friend to my love?
Snail mail
tumblr BLOG
Deutschssprachige Brieffreundin!
I hope people change
What do you think about nature, life, destiny?
coffee/tea drinkers?
Pen pals
Before your death...
Pen Pal
Pen pal searching...
Any fellow ukulele players?
Have you ever heard about Morocco ? What are some of the stereotypes you've heard about it ?
Can you remember the dream last night?
Why cats purr?
What music bands do you prefer? and what would you advise?
Who is the most special person you ever met?
I'm looking for someone to start writing with.
If you could write a story, what would you write about?
Which language would you choose?
What do you feel when you see me?
Am I the only one who suffers from depression?
Saying a secret
Swimming in ice cold waters
Philosophy in life for you?