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Penpals, Brieffreunde, correspondante
Having fun in Montpellier
Human love human
Looking for a penpal!
Electricity power cut
Do you want to meet me?
Looking for somoene who lives un USA or England to talk a perfect english
Searching for nice people :)
French toast 🍞🥞
Penpal- Girl between 11 and 15
Would you like to travel to Belgium ?
starting a project, who wants to join?
someone who wants to chat😉
Who I am looking for
New Friends
Looking for people interested in postal correspondence
To who like to read
How are your summer holidays ?
I will meet someone from Japan / Korea / China / USA
3 Factor (IQF Freezing Technology)
Anyone from Tokyo who wants me?
Need advice for choosing right study
Quelqu'un qui vit à Montpellier?