Who is your favorite carater of Harry Potter Filme, Musik, TV

I like Hermione.

I like Hermione too

I like Snake:)

Hermione and Ron

I really Remus Lupin

Severus Snape obviously.

Snape and Sirius

Luna Lovegood, such a relaxed, mysterious and imaginative person! And Bellatrix Lestrange (sorry for that :D)

Buck <3

Just all of them are amazing⚡



Sooo many...
I really like Luna because she is a Ravenclaw and doesn't give a damn about what other people think.
I also really like Bellatrix. Helena Bonham Carter plays her so well and I just love her character. It all just fits.
And I looove Severus Snape. His character development is amazing and his backstory, obviously. I think he actually might be my favorite. Oh wait...
McGonagall is really badass... I really love her... In general I love that Harry Potter has so many strong female characters.
And I have to admit that I always had a little crush on older Draco...

Luna Lovegood.
Andromeda Black
Bellatrix (Black)
And I like the marauders, except Peter Pettegrew

I have too many favourite characters <3
I can't even decide!

Fred and George Wesley, end of story! <3

Just all of them are amazing⚡
Yes ! I agree with you !

Voldemort of course :D