Filme, Musik, TV

QPop Music
Harry Potter
Italian music
Which is you favourite Tv serie/Film/book/song and why? do you think it has a meaning?
Photography and you ?
My favorite rappers
Your favorite music
What is your favourite film ?
Grey's Antomy
Black Veil Brides
Hanger Games
Dr Phil
Synthwave is great
Star Trek - The new generation
Shawn Mendes
Last book you read, the one you're reading now
teenage friendship group
The last thing that impacted you
Whos Your favorite character in Lord of the Rings?
Lana Del Rey
Funny videos on YouTube
Is there anyone who loves rock, punk rock, metal ... ? ;D
Which kind of music do you like ?
Quale serie a puntate vi piace di più?
Nicki Minaj