i like to write letters, you too ?
snail mail friend from the netherlands
Looking for a learning partner
Looking for a new friends:)
Canadian corresponding
Who would like to write letters with me?:)
Seaching the correspondantes
english penfriend! english-italian!
Paper Letters ;)
I'm looking for an english penpal :)
I'm from Russia and madly want to find friends from England.
I'm looking for friends
Searching for Pen-Friend !
Penfrien from England
Is there any scouts on penpal? :)
Look for English
I need to turn off my Italian subtitles while I watch English movies..
Searching for pen-freinds
I looking for a English correspondante, to improve my english :P
Paper letters))))
Penpal from london!!
Hello i'm looking for a person who speak english to improve my english
Looking for a penpal :)
looking for a pen friend :)
Cute Post: Free printable letter sets
Someone who speaks fluent English and Italian:)
Paper Letters
Looking for a penpals))
I'd like to improve my English