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Hey!! Why the God made mosquitos??
is there some one can give me a english name?
Could you give me some good english names?
i need someone to recommend some english songs to me
What Would You Take Away?
Hi, Join my Gtalk
Please Help mee for improve my Korean !!
Well,, just asking for opinions.
Fencing anyone?
Study abroad ? Please, is there someone from Vietnam there ?
How does the world view us Americans
I'm looking a good english penpal (USA or UK)
Need help with English? Ask me!
What's your favorite country?Or talk about your experience of travel
Will you come to China to have a look at The World Expo in 2010?
corresponding Italian, American or English to French
for ones who wants to find a penfriend by letter
Looking for penpals
American Idol
Help: nvestigate Some 4questions about culture
Someone could help me learn and improve my Chinese and or Korean ?
I can learn you Dutch!
Anybody from Iceland?
Anybody from Sweden?
i wanna chat with an english speaking people by MSN
English Penpal