Everything comes to an end. Therefore, is superficial knowledge as useful as they all think? Its voluntary acquirement totally lacks of any logical and honourable purpose

Leon000000 Experte

Ich bin männlich, 17 Jahre alt, und ich lebe in Spoleto, Italien 90.

Ich spreche Englisch, Italienisch und ein klein wenig Spanisch, Französisch, Russisch, Schwedisch.

Ich habe 11 Orte in 4 Länder besucht.

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  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    There are some questions here quite cool and interesting that I can't answer at the present moment by virtue of (guess what) school.
    I'll try to answer them as soon as I can!

  • Für ein Jahr im Ausland leben

    I'm likely to go to New Zealand or somewhere else in Scandinavia. I mean hey, have you ever seen the midnight sun and those amusing shows?
    The main reason is I love nature, both of those countries are astounding under this perspective