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  • Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

    Hey there, nice to meet you! My name is Maarten, I'm 21 years old and I live in 't Veld, The Netherlands. I'm currently studying to become a teacher in elementary school and on weekends I work at a fastfood restaurant. In my spare time I like to read books, go out on my moped, watch movies and listen to music. Send me a message if you'd like to have a conversation and feel free to add me on my social media as well. Hope to speak to you soon!

    Social media:
    Snapchat: aviicinator

  • Lieblingsbuch/-autor/-film

    I hate it when people ask about my favorite books and/or movies. It's so hard to choose since there are SO MANY good books and movies.

    My favorite writer is easy: Stephen King. I adore his work to the fullest and I'm currently working on reading on all his books. Some of my favorite books are Christine, IT & The Stand, all written by Stephen King. Other authors I like are Clive Barker, Joe Hill and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't have a favorite movie since I like so many movies. My favorite kind of movie type is either a Disney and/or Pixar movie or some American movie from the 70's or 80's. My favorite actor is Arnold Schwarzenegger: I loved The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

  • Mein Interesse an anderen Kulturen

    I'm highly interested in the United States. I'd love to go there one day. Doesn't really matter which place I visit, as long as it's in the USA. I do have my preferences though: I'd like to visit New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix and/or Philadelphia. The USA seems so cool to me!

    For the rest I'd like to see more of Europe: countries like Russia, Greece, Norway and Estonia seem pretty nice to me.

  • Für ein Jahr im Ausland leben

    If I'd had the chance to live in a foreign country for one year, I'd LOVE to live in the United States for a year. I'm dying to go there once and to live there would even be more amazing. Although I do have my preferences of course, I wouldn't mind not living anywhere I prefer, as long as it's in the USA.

  • Städte und Länder, die ich besucht habe

    I've visited Brixen im Thale, Austria for two weeks in 2009. I've visited Berlin, Germany for five days in 2014. I have lived in Chichester, United Kingdom for two months in 2018. I have stayed for two nights in Antwerp, Belgium and I've been on holiday for a week in Athens, Greece in 2019. During my stay in UK I have visited several cities like Brighton, London, Southampton and many more.

  • Freuden der Kindheit

    What I've enjoyed most about being a child is the lack of responsibility. You don't have to worry about anything as a kid, it's so relaxed! Now that I'm a grownup and I've got all kinds of responsibilities. It can be nice of course but some times I wish I was a child again.

  • Meine größte Errungenschaft

    I'm most proud of my book collection. I collect all the Dutch editions from every Stephen King book and I've already got a lot of them, including a couple of rare books and special books. I'm very proud of that!

  • Meine Gefühle über die Zukunft

    The future is going to be just fine as long as I keep believing in myself and as long as I do what I like to do.

  • Ich rede immer gerne über...

    All kinds of things!

  • Die Welt zu einem besseren Platz machen

    By making love, not war. And by being more careful with the earth. We've only got one earth guys!

  • Ich bin begeistert von...

    Good books, good music and good movies.


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Hello ! I like what you say on your profile "It's so hard to choose since there are SO MANY good books and movies." That's SOOO true! It applies to me as well.

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hey ! great and you ? 😃

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