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24, aus Melbourne 16
Etwas, das du der Welt erzählen willst

I am a 23-year-old guy currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I consider myself to be quite open to new experiences and hence get to be a part of some interesting adventures from time to time. I have a pretty wide variety of interests; particularly in music, movies, books, cooking, traveling, and fitness. Nowadays, I'm on a...

22, aus 60
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Hi everybody. My name is Sannu. I'm 22 year old girl. I love music , french, japanese & mexican food, dancing, watching tv , dogs & cats and swimming. I won't bite. I'm super open to contact. You can find me from Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp. Don't hesitate.

14, aus Gerbstedt 5
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My name is Marie and I am 14 years old. Live with my family in Gerbstedt that lies in Germany. I also have a cat and a dog.

22, aus Chelyabinsk 160
Mein Interesse an anderen Kulturen

Hi, i'm Alex from Russia. I'm 22 year old. I love music, watching tv, cats and play in computer. I started to realize that i realy want to meet with people from other countries, with different mentality. I want to find a good friends with whom I can be myself and who can be open to me.

22, aus Legazpi City 148
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Hi all. You can call me yukii, i currently live in Philippines. I'm here to find friends and talk some interesting stuffs like music,arts and weird things. I also want to explore the world by making friends around the globe. You can teach me your mother language, that would be more interesting and also your cultures. Everybody is...

19, aus 150
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Hi, I’m Wika and I’m from southern Poland. I like reading books and playing computer games. I’m crazy about sports, every day I do something: Tabata, running or horse riding. The last one had been my passion since 10 years. Few times in year, I start in competitions. It’s really satisfying and give a lot of fantastic experience and...

24, aus Kraków 150
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Hi everyone, I am Pola from Poland, I'm here to improve my English and feel free to communicate with foreigners. In return I can teach you Polish :) I study civil engineering in Cracow, in my spare time I enjoy swimming, drawing and recently dancing salsa. My biggest dream is to visit Patagonia as I am a big fan of hiking . Hola a...

21, aus rabat 116
Ich bin ein Experte in...

hello how are you, my name is hamza hdioued i'm student technicien support and maintenance informatique et reseau my job devlopment app and web and ethical hacking i'am a stranger sometimes

19, aus Belluno 90
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Hi! My name's Fiorella, I'm 19, I live in Italy and I'm looking for new friends. I'm a really shy person, but when someone gets to know me I can be really funny and talkative! I'm here because I want to meet people from all over the world and learn different languages. Feel free to write to me whenever you want. We can talk here, on...

34, aus Oude-Tonge 147
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I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

35, aus Leipzig 5
Ich rede immer gerne über...

I like to discuss about languages, language history, culture and politics, about music or anything else. I prefer talking in English and Dutch. Everybody is welcome!

39, aus Hampton 228
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Guy with sense of humor who loves making friends online and sharing in each other's experiences, laughter and insight. Always in search of like-minded others, so hopefully we can engage in some *smiles* small talk! And I've for the longest time, I've fascinated what it would be like to be shrink, and now having to face life in the...