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Ich bin männlich, 21 Jahre alt, und ich lebe in Polen 150.

Ich spreche Polnisch, Englisch, etwas Russisch und ein klein wenig Französisch, Deutsch.

Ich habe 27 Orte in 11 Länder besucht.

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    Hello everyone!I'm 21 years old boy from Poland. I joined because I want to find some interesting people around the world and to improve my languages as well! I like to speak a lot (dunno if it's a positive feature or not - surely you will judge it by yourself ;)). What can I say about me?I study at the university and have some interesting, not only those, which every man cares the most (cars, football etc.). I love to travel and meet new cultures, learn their history and to get a knowledge about everything connected with people living there. If you want to meet me or get more info, just add to friends or leave a comment :D