• 10m
  • Städte und Länder, die ich besucht habe

    I've traveled to Florida by car 2 times. So I have driven thru Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesse, Georgia, then we finally made it to Florida after 23 hours in a truck. I've driven thru mountains which were awesome and I drove thru farmlands. I've also flown to Florida once but that was when I was little but the only thing I remember about that was when we were up in the air I thought the clouds were snow because when we went we went in the winter time.

  • Mein Interesse an anderen Kulturen

    My interest in other cultures? Hmmm, I've always had an interest in the French or European culture. I've always wanted to visit the United Kingdom. I have also been invited to come to France but I have never been able to afford the plane ticket. But one day hopefully I can go over to one of those places for a few weeks and just explore.

  • In zehn Jahren

    I honestly don't know where I see myself in 10 years.

  • Ich bin ein Experte in...

    I believe I am an expert at drawing out my feelings. When I get depressed or upset, I really like to express my feeling by art. I will either write quotes or draw actual pictures. I also believe I am an expert at showing people I care about them. I like when I can make someone's day or when I can make someone feel better.

  • Eine persönliche Herausforderung

    A personal challenge I face every day is depression. This is an everyday battle that I don't think I will ever win. They all say medicine will help but I have been on medicine for years and I still have but even worse now. Yes, there are days where it is better than some days. But then I have the days where I feel unwanted, unloved, unneeded, and useless... I get flashbacks of my sexual abuse all the time so that brings my depression on a lot of the time. So like I said I don't think I will ever win this battle.

  • Lieblingsbuch/-autor/-film

    My favorite films are any horror or Disney movies. My favorite Disney movie is the Lion King and my favorite horror movie is the silence of the lambs.

  • Ich rede immer gerne über...

    I enjoy talking about life and the plans for the future and just everyday things. I like to know how a person is doing and what they did for the day.

  • Die Welt zu einem besseren Platz machen

    I think we should stop all the bullying that is happening in everyday life. Like the name calling, the racism, the beating people up, and just people being mean to one another. It's not right. We are all humans. We all make mistakes. We all breathe air and there is not a single reason in the world to bully someone else. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. You were made the same.

  • Freuden der Kindheit

    As a child, I used to love playing going outside and playing in the snow.

  • Etwas ungewöhnliches über mich

    Something that makes me unique is my eyes. When I get in certain moods or when the weather is in a certain condition, my eyes will turn different shades of blue.

  • Ich wünschte, die Menschen würden mehr wissen über...

    I wish people understood how hard it is going every single day without having that feeling that you are loved. Because I feel so lonely every day but no one really seems to understand that. And also another thing I wish people would understand more is to not cheat... I hate when people cheat... Like whats the point of cheating?

  • Als Kind wünsche ich mir...

    I wish I could've changed who my father was... My dad was really never there for me and now he isn't in my life at all. I wish I could have chosen who I wanted or just have never met him. I would've never have had to deal with the emotional abuse he has put me thru and I would have never had to watch him physically hurt my mom.

  • Ich bereue...

    I have many regrets... But the biggest one was putting trust in people and getting hurt so many times.... Like I thought I trusted my dad that he would never leave but look where I am now..... My dad is gone... And I am hurt...

  • Meine größte Errungenschaft

    My proudest accomplishment is just being able to wake up every day. I struggle with depression and it is rough sometimes to wake up and move on with the day. But I know that it is a good choice to get up and move along with the day.

  • Für ein Jahr im Ausland leben

    If I could go anywhere for a year, I would just travel the world.