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Ich bin männlich, 24 Jahre alt, und ich lebe in Bruxelles, Belgien 23.

Ich spreche Englisch, Französisch, etwas Italienisch und ein klein wenig Niederländisch.

Ich habe 17 Orte in 4 Länder besucht.

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    Hello guys !

    First a quick presentation of myself : my name is Kevin, a French student from Corsica.

    Actually studying the Human Resources in Brussels, I got my first real opportunity to travel and live abroad in Belgium last year, when I started learning Dutch language in Ghent. This was an awesome opportunity to feel myself more Belgian ;-)

    Since I’m registered here, I already met awesome people from various countries.

    Definitly germanophile, I’m here to meet people (mostly students) from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and even Scandinavia !
    Discovering these cultures so close and in the same time so different from mine is something very important.

    I usually speak English there, as long as you don’t ask my help to improve your skills in French ! I have also some knowledge in Dutch and Italian.

    Feel free to contact me.