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  • Lieblingsbuch/-autor/-film

    Studio Ghibli, Satoshi Kon's, Dreamworks and LAIKA' films. I definitely love animated series like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat, Don't Hug me I'm Scared and so it goes. Don't take me wrong, I also like life-action, is just that I don't know what to mention here :P

  • Die Welt zu einem besseren Platz machen

    Tolerance, of course. That's the word that should be used and practised. Hearing great diverse stories that come from places and circumstances you couldn't possibly imagine.

  • Persönliche Fähigkeiten

    I'd say creating worlds, producing Lore and Storytelling. Does that sound about right?

  • Als Kind wünsche ich mir...

    The cliché about learning from mistakes is real. What's the use of getting this far and removing key elements that define who I am now? It isn't worth changing.

  • Meine Meinung zur Natur des Menschen

    Selfishness is not always bad. You need to be selfish to accomplish personal goals but that doesn't mean you don't need help in the way. Selflessness is often portrayed as a good thing but it's more of having both things balanced.


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You love Avatar - the last airbender! Me too! Don't know a lot of people who knows the anime. I've also read that you've made a short film? What is it about? Do you still have the film?

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Hi :), how are you?

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Hello ! :D