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  • Ich rede immer gerne über...

    i always ready to talk about relations between people, about my life and world news. i ready to listen to you (you're able to write about your problems, your own life, habits and fears). warning: i'm not the cinemaholic, ha. but i glad to talk about nearly everything (if i could write it in english of course...)
    i'm interesting in stories about you.
    p.s.: sorry for possible grammar mistakes.

  • Mein Interesse an anderen Kulturen

    i've never wanted to move in another country from russia. i just like my country: russian language, culture, mindset and life style. i don't know why. as the saying goes: "je suis comme je suis" ahah. the only countries which i maybe would like to live in - there are norway, sweden and finland.
    but i'm always interested in some new knowledge about all the countres, people and cultures. about almost EVERYTHING ahah

  • Etwas ungewöhnliches über mich

    i have the speech defect: i can't right pronounce one sound in russian speech. but a lot of people like it. they think that it's my destinguishing feature and it's just nice. x

  • Eine Karriere ohne Hindernisse

    if i was sure that i for sure find job in future, i would like to be an ecologist. but i'm going to study at IT-technologies faculty in the university because i would like to be necessary and useful

  • Früher war es besser

    in my country we have one question which always remains relevant. this question is: "when did the people live better: in the ussr or nowadays?". and what do you think about it?

  • Ein kleiner Rat

    please, just be honest with yourself


rawenclaw-serdaigle 4 rawenclaw-serdaigle

cool! do you love it?

rawenclaw-serdaigle 4 rawenclaw-serdaigle

priviet! nice to meet you, my name's yacine, do you know harry potter?

DariaGaiz 160 DariaGaiz

Привет :D :D I'm Dasha from Russia too sleep2 Просто решила написать,потому что ты часто мелькаешь во всяких форумах и комментариях lol1 lol1

PaulGolem 90 PaulGolem

Ok Dasha/Daria! :D
How are you? ;)